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Open Cell / Closed Cell Explained

Open Cell / Closed Cell Explained

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is stronger structurally, as each cell is packed closer together than in the makeup of open-cell foam, making the result harder and denser. Open-cell foam is made from tiny bubbles formed by water from the blowing agent (closed-cell uses chemicals) that has broken cells filled with air, meaning the material is softer and more sponge-like. 

Because it’s denser, closed cell spray foam insulation uses more material and is therefore costlier, which is when open-cell spray foam comes into consideration. For interior projects that require sound-deadening, open-cell spray foam insulation is preferred as it’s less expensive and provides better absorbency of noise.

Our spray foam insulation experts are happy to help you determine the appropriate spray foam insulation material that’s right for your project. Determine your application, exposure to water and vapor, and the R-value of each material before you start, and ensure you are opting for the most cost-effective spray foam for your job.

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